Recy-Composite Project

The RECY-COMPOSITE project aims to answer to the challenge of composite materials recycling through a three-levels global cross-border approach : material recovery, thermochemical recycling (pyrolysis, solvolysis) and energy recovery only as a last resort. This is a major issue into a European context of transition to a circular economy for an efficient use of the resources and a decrease of the environmental impacts of the goods/products for their whole lifecycle.

The applied research will be conducted on both thermosets composites waste production materials and end of life composite materials. In the prospect of an industrial transfer, the economical aspect will be taken into consideration in order to select the technological recycling solutions by complying with the hierarchy of the processing routes described into the legislation. The partners will  direct their research program to the specialty chemistry in order to propose value-added recycled products to the cross-border markets, and not only products incorporating filler. An innovating considered route is the use of the recycled materials or the products resulting from the chemical recycling as carbonization agents for intumescent blends.

Recy-composite Cross-border Project Presentation